The Benefits of Music Therapy for Health

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Music is organized sound and orderly. Music has a profound effect on a person’s physical and mental. Listening to music on a regular basis is very beneficial for health because it eliminates stress, depression, mind and body to relax so that the body re-powered.

Is music therapy by listening to the same music? The answer is that it’s two different things. Cheryl Dileo, a professor of music and director of the Research Center for the Arts and Quality of Life, Temple University, Philadelphia, United States (US) states that, the benefits of music therapy compared to listen to music alone is vastly different. “Listening to music alone was not the therapy even though a lot of people who listen to music to get positive benefits, such as more relaxed and improve mood,” he said.

The Benefits of Music Therapy for Health (Pexels Canva)

Health benefits of music therapy for very much indeed. Here are some major benefits to health.

1. Make physical and mind more relaxed

The benefits of music therapy for the first time felt was a sense of relaxation, physical and mind so fresh, as well as more powerful Thus, opening the opportunity for physical and mind to undergo a relaxation process as a whole.

2. Music therapy increases intelligence

In this therapy are well known term Mozart effect, that a number of positive effects of the use of music to improve a person’s intelligence, especially children. Mozart effect has been studied by scientists, one of whom Frances Rauscher and colleagues from the University of California. Some research shows that when the baby in the womb and toddlers is the best time to stimulate children’s intelligence. Because, that’s when a child’s brain is in a period of formation, so it is good when getting therapy.

3. Music therapy increases the passion and motivation

What will happen when the life without passion and motivation? Of course we do not have a passion for the activity. Passion or motivation is the “power” is emerging as a particular boost. If there is passion and motivation, all things are possible to implement, and vice versa. Some research shows that there are certain types of music can improve one’s passion and motivation.

4. Improve memory

At schools in many developed countries such as America and Europe, music therapy is widely used to improve student achievement. While in the rehabilitation center, this therapy is widely used to deal with dementia and severe pain sufferers forget.

5. Can reduce pain

Director of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Katherine Puckett said that although he did not have the certificate into a music therapist, she and her staff have always used music to petrify the treatment of patients. “Everyone will like the music. You’re not going to get sick if you like music. Music creates a relaxing, comfortable, and quiet. A relaxed body can help relieve pain, including pain from the healing process of cancer, “said Puckett.

6. Music therapy to balance the left brain and the right brain

According to research by experts, stimulation of music can help balance the left brain and the right brain. If the left and right brain balanced, then other organs also become more balanced and healthier. That is why, the family realized the importance of the balance of the left brain and right brain, and many provide additional education in the field of music for their children.

Besides the benefits of music therapy is: increase creativity, improve concentration, overcoming autistic disorder in children, and to improve language skills. Interested in trying this therapy?


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